Graduate benefits

Graduate benefits

At Job Corps, we will make sure you have the tools and resources you need in order to earn from what you learn. Here’s how:

Job Search Assistance

Work with our center staff to connect with employers.

Transition Allowance

Receive an allowance after graduation to help with the first few months of housing and living costs and transportation.

Career Counseling

Meet with our on-site career counselors to search for jobs, prepare for interviews and plan your career next steps.

Relocation Counseling

Speak with our counselors for tips and advice on moving to a new city for a job.

Advanced Training Opportunities

Build on your basic career training and keep strengthening your skills in the industry of your choice. Talk to your center staff for more information about an Advanced Training opportunity near you.

Real stories

Real stories

Job Corps works. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out a few of our graduate success stories.

Michael Avatar Image
Ponder's Personal Chef Services
Michael is booked and busy. He’s the head chef at a senior living community, the owner of his own catering business and the father of a 3-year-old son—and he’s not stopping there.
Ricky Avatar
Solar Landscape
Ricky had no clue that his time at Job Corps would come to an end due to a global pandemic, but he also didn’t know he would end up working at a top solar installation company in New Jersey, Solar Landscape, making $65 an hour.
Thaddaeus Avatar
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Information Technology
Growing up in Ogden, Utah, Thaddaeus had always known about the Clearfield Job Corps Center, but never understood the impact of the program until he experienced it for himself. Before joining Job Corps at the age of 22, Thaddaeus held down a variety of odd jobs: a teacher’s assistant, customer service representative at Home Depot, and lastly a caretaker for an elderly veteran.
Success starts here

When it comes time to get a job, our staff will make sure you are connected with local employers. Earle C. Clements Job Corps grads have been hired by:

  • All American Tile
  • Alliance Coal
  • Architectural Renovators
  • Audubon Chrysler
  • Auto Zone
  • Breckenridge Place
  • Chirho Chiropractic
  • Colonial Terrace
  • Country Fresh
  • Evansville Marine Services
  • EZ Access
  • Greer Flooring
  • Henderson Chevelot Buick GMC
  • Henderson Community College
  • Henderson County Recycling
  • Henderson Ford
  • J&B Mechanical
  • JJ's Pizza
  • Kenny Kent Chevrolet
  • Kenny Kent Toyota / Lexus
  • Kenworth of Evansville
  • L&C Fabrications
  • Louisville Tile
  • Oreilly's Auto Parts
  • Palmer Trucks
  • People Plus
  • RC Bottle Company
  • Romain Cross Pointe Auto Park
  • Saturn Machine
  • SC Products
  • Thompson International
  • Town and Country Ford Evansville
  • UC Animal Control